California Law Enforcement
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$99.00- Opts you, your spouse and your children out of all known personal information database websites. For each order our company individually prepair and mail the opt-out form you signed with your personal information and a copy of the applicable legislation, government codes or penal codes to approximately 225 companies. This price also allows you to opt out your spouse or your children.

Also included with every purchase are step by step instructions to:


• Forms and links to your financial institution to prevent them from sharing your personal information with third parties. SB 1, the California Financial Information Privacy Act, Ca. Financial Code 4050-4060.

• A link to search the Ca. state website to find money owed to you from financial institutions. (Find free money)

• Register under the National Do Not Call Registry (telemarketers)

• How to opt out from receiving junk mail

• How to protect yourself from online profiling. (Online advertising)

• How to obtain a free credit report.

• Stop online companies from selling your ip address and cookie information. Use this information to stop online advertising.

• Opt out of Pre-screened Credit card offers and Insurance (protect your identity). • Opt out from Direct Marketing Association (reduce junk mail and catalogs)


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California Law Enforcement

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